Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
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SESSION 2019-20

S.No. Category House Students' Names Class Sec.
1 General Secretary Mahatma Hansraj House Jaskaran XII Lotus
2 Head Boy Swami Vivekanand House Rachit XII Lotus
3 Head Girl Swami Vivekanand House Shruti XII Lotus
4 Vice Head Boy Swami Dayanand House Anshveer XI Daisy
5 Vice Head Girl Mahatma Hansraj House Aditi Shori XI Rose
6 School Sports Prefect (Boy) Gurudev Tagore House Jaideep XII Marigold
7 School Sports Prefect (Girl) Gurudev Tagore House Vamika XI Marigold
8 School Cultural Secretary Gurudev Tagore House Aastha XI Marigold
9 School's Best Friend(Boy) Swami Dayanand House Uday X Daisy
10 School's Best Friend(Girl) Swami Dayanand House Gaurika X Daisy
11 School Volunteer(Boy) Swami Vivekanand House Harson IX Lotus
12 School Volunteer(Girl) Swami Vivekanand House Harsehaj IX Lotus
13 Junior Head Boy Mahatma Hansraj House Amit V Rose
14 Junior Head Girl Swami Dayanand House Vivika V Daisy
15 House Captains Swami Dayanand House Tushar Khokar XI Daisy
16 Mahatma Hansraj House Gaurav Sharma XI Rose
17 Swami Vivekanand House Simran XI lotus
18 Gurudev Tagore House Kunal arora XI Marigold
19  Vice House Captain Swami Dayanand House Harshita Kanojia IX Daisy
20 Mahatma Hansraj House Mayank IX Rose
21 Swami Vivekanand House Kultaran IX Lotus
22 Gurudev Tagore House Keerat Kaur Sidhu IX Marigold
23 Junior House Captain  Swami Dayanand House Simran V Daisy
24 Mahatma Hansraj House Yashika V Rose
25 Swami Vivekanand House Shabad V Lotus
26 Gurudev Tagore House Rudraksh V Marigold
27 House Sports Prefect Swami Dayanand House Aniket Tiwari XI Daisy
28 Swami Dayanand House Manasvi XI Daisy
29 Mahatma Hansraj House Sukhmeet XI Rose
30 Mahatma Hansraj House Parul XI Rose
31 Swami Vivekanand House Saurav Sharma XI Lotus
32 Swami Vivekanand House Sonali XI Lotus
33 Gurudev Tagore House Navjot Singh XI Marigold
34 Gurudev Tagore House Vanshika XI Marigold
35 Cultural Secretary Swami Dayanand House Diya Mittal IX Daisy
36 Mahatma Hansraj House Shreya IX Rose
37 Swami Vivekanand House Lavanya IX Lotus
38 Gurudev Tagore House Nitiya IX Marigold
  House Marshals Activity Incharges   Vivek Tiwari
  Ms. Shailly Luthra Ms. Shelly Kaushesh(Internal) Principal
  Ms. Monika Bhanot Ms. Vidhu kaushik(External)    
  Ms. Vanita Chabbra        
  Ms. Gurleen Thakur