Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
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The teacher is a leader and motivator, role model and mentor, learner and innovator, Leading by example. Comfortable with convergence technologies, as tools for learning and evaluation, the teachers extensively use multi-media and audiovisual classroom aids.

S.No. Name Photo


Trained/ Untrained

Probation/Regular/ Contractual/

1 Mr. Vivek Tiwari Principal Trained Regular M.A. (Eng.),M.A(Pol.Sci.)B.Ed, PGDCA
2 Ms. Neera Khurana PGT(H.O.D-Science) Trained  Regular M.Sc. (Chemistry),B.Ed.
3 Mr. Pankaj Sharma PGT(H.O.D-Mathematics) Trained  Regular M.Sc. (Maths),B.Ed.
4 Ms. Anjali Gupta PGT(H.O.D-Commerce) Trained     Regular M.Com.,B.Ed.
5 Ms. Deep Shikha PGT Trained  Regular M.A. English,B.Ed. 
6 Ms. Nimmi Chigal PGT Trained  Regular M.Com,B.Ed.
7 Ms. Megha Manchanda PGT Trained  Regular M.Sc.Physics, B.Sc.,B.Ed.
8 Ms. Upasana Madaan PGT Trained Regular M.Sc(Bio),B.Ed,PTET
9 Ms.Navneet Kaur PGT Trained Probation  MPhil.(Eco)M.A(Eco),B.Ed
10 Ms. Neena Sharma TGT Trained  Regular M.A. (Eco.),B.Ed.
11 Ms. Anupama Singh TGT Trained  Regular M.Sc. (Botany),B.Ed.
12 Ms. Avinash Kaushik TGT (HOD - Hindi) Trained  Regular M.A. (Hindi),B.A. Hons.(Hindi),Prabhakar,B.Ed., Ph.D
13 Ms. Swaraj Joshi TGT (HOD - Sanskrit) Trained  Regular M.A. (Skt.),Prabhakar,M.Phil.,B.Ed.
14 Ms. Meenakshi Vashist TGT (Sr. Librarian) Trained  Regular  MA (Rel. Studies), M.Lib Lib. Sci.
15 Mr. Arun Seth TGT Trained  Regular  M.Sc(Maths).,B.Ed.
16 Mr. Naresh Kumar TGT (Librarian) Trained  Regular M.A. (Hindi),B.Ed.,B.Lib. Sci.
17 Ms. Geeta Sharma TGT(H.O.D-Social Science) Trained Regular  M.A. (Eco.),B.Ed.,LLB
18 Ms. Madhu Khanna TGT Trained  Regular B.Sc., (Med.),B.Ed.,PG Diploma in Dietetics
19 Ms. Jatinder Ruprah TGT(H.O.D-Punjabi) Trained  Regular M.A. Punjabi, B.Ed.
20 Ms. Bela Ohri TGT Trained  Regular B.A. (Hons.),B.Ed.
21 Ms. P. Pal Kaur TGT Trained  Regular B.Sc.,M.A.,M.Ed.
22 Ms. Rajneet Kaur TGT (H.O.D-Music) Trained  Regular M.A. (Music),B.Ed.
23 Ms. Dhanjeet Kaur TGT Trained  Regular M.A. English,B.A.,B.Ed.,M.Sc.IT 
24 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur TGT Trained  Regular M.A.,B.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil ,CTET
25 Ms. Romita Gupta ` TGT Trained  Regular MA Economics ,B.A. ,B.Ed.
26 Ms. Kirandeep Kaur Bawa TGT Trained  Regular M.SC. (Botany),M.Ed.
27 Ms. Priya Kapoor TGT Trained  Regular B.Com.,M.A. (Eng.),B.Ed., Dip. In PTT
28 Ms. Poonam Chopra TGT Trained  Regular M.A. (Pbi.),B.Ed.
29 Ms. Vidhu Kaushik TGT Trained Regular M.A. (Eng.),B.Ed.
30 Ms. Akanksha Garg Counsellor Trained Regular M.A(Psych),B.Ed,CTET
31 Mr. Pritpal Singh kharoud TGT Trained Probation M.P.ED, B.P.ED
32 Mr.Lal Singh TGT Trained Probation M.P.Ed,B.PE,B.Ed
33 Ms. Monika Gupta TGT Trained Probation M.A.(Eco),B.Ed
34 Ms. Prem Verma TGT Trained  Regular M.A(Hindi).,B.Ed.
35 Ms. Monika Bhanot TGT Trained Regular M.Sc. (Maths),M.Ed.
36 Ms. Harvinder Kaur TGT Trained Regular M A (Pbi) B Ed
37 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur TGT Trained Regular M.Sc.,B.Ed.
38 Ms. Reeta Kapoor PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc. (Home Sci.),B.Ed.,PG Diploma in Dietetics
39 Ms. Kanwaljit Kaur PRT Trained  Regular M.A., (Eco.),B.Ed.
40 Ms. Inderbir Marya PRT Trained  Regular  B.A.,B.Ed.
41 Ms. Anjali Kapoor PRT Trained  Regular  M.A. (Hindi),B.Ed. 
42 Ms. Vandana Grover PRT Trained  Regular  M.A. (Eco.),M.Com., B.Ed.
43 Ms. Indu Bansal PRT Trained  Regular B.Com.,B.Ed.
44 Ms. Sangeeta Mahajan PRT Trained  Regular  B.A.,B.Ed.
45 Ms. Meenu Bhalla PRT Trained  Regular M.A. (Fine Arts),B.Ed.
46 Ms. Asha Rani PRT Trained  Regular M.A. (Dance),B.Ed.
47 Ms. Nitika Jindal PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc. (Med.),B.Ed.
48 Ms. Urminder Kaur PRT Trained  Regular  M.Com.,B.Ed.
49 Ms. Shailly Luthra PRT Trained  Regular  M.Com.,B.Ed.
50 Ms. Shivani PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc. (Med.),B.Ed.,M.A. (Eng.)
51 Ms. Shelly Kaushesh PRT Trained  Regular  B.Sc. (Med.),M.A. (Eng.),B.Ed.
52 Ms. Tejinder Kaur PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc. (N.Med.),B.Ed. M.Sc (Maths)
53 Ms. Kamini Sharma PRT Trained  Regular  M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.)
54 Ms. Kiranjit Kaur PRT Trained  Regular M.Sc. (Botany),B.Ed.
55 Ms. Ramnish Kansal PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc. (Med.),M.Ed.,M.A. (Eng.)
56 Ms. Maninder Kaur PRT Trained  Regular M.Sc.B.Ed.
57 Ms. Kuldeep Kaur PRT Trained  Regular M.A. (Eng.),B.Ed.
58 Ms. Arashdeep  PRT Trained  Regular MCA,M.A.(Pol. Sci.),M.Sc. (IT),PGDCA,B.Ed.
59 Ms. Gurleen Thakur PRT Trained  Regular  Msc,M.Ed, CTET- I,II 
60 Ms. Rajni Kapoor PRT Trained  Regular M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil (Edu.)
61 Ms. Shaveta Anand PRT Trained  Regular B.A.,N.T.T. ,B.Ed., Dip In Art & Craft
62 Ms. Saloni Babbar PRT Trained  Regular  B.Com.,B.Ed., Additional in Mathematics
63 Ms. Neelu Jain PRT Trained  Regular M.Sc.(IT), M.Com CTET 
64 Ms. Meenakshi Sharma PRT Trained  Regular B.Sc., B.Ed.
65 Ms. Monika Kaushal PRT Trained  Regular M.A. Pb. Adm ,B.A.,B.Ed.
66 Ms.Radhika PRT Trained Regular B.Com,Msc(IT)
67 Ms. Sonam PRT Trained Regular M.A.(Skt)B.Ed.CTET
68 Ms.Rachna Sharma PRT Trained Regular M.A(Hindi),B.Ed
69 Ms.Manju Gupta PRT Trained Regular M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed
70 Ms.Seema Kaushal PRT Trained Regular M.A. B.Ed
71 Ms. Rajneesh Kumar PRT Trained Probation M.A(Pbi), B.Ed.CTET
72 Ms.Vanita Chhabra PRT Trained Probation M.Sc.(Chem.),B.Ed
73 Ms. Damanjit Kaur PRT Trained Probation B.Sc.,B.Ed
74 Ms. Reena Sharma PRT Trained Probation M.A.(Eng),B.Ed,CTET,PTET
75 Ms. Tina Sharma PRT Trained Probation M.A.B.Ed, CTET - I,II
76 Ms. Preeti Verma PRT Trained Probation M.A.(Eng),B.Ed,CTET,,PTET
77 Ms. Nidhi Gupta PRT Trained Probation M.A.(Eco),B.Ed,CTET
78 Ms. Richa Grover PRT Trained Probation M.A.B.Ed,Dp in CS
79 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Pannu PRT Trained Probation M.A.(Eng),B.Ed,CTET,PTET,DP in Diet
80 Ms.Nitima Rani Agarwal PRT Trained Probation M.Phil,M.PEd.B.PEd
81 Ms.Manpreet Kaur PRT Trained Probation M.Sc.(Geo),B.Ed
82 Ms.Bimal Mehta PRT Trained Probation M.A.(Eco),B.Ed
83 Ms. Ranbir Kaur   TGT Trained Contractual M.Sc. (Maths), M.Ed., CTET & PSTET (II)
84 Ms. Harpreet Kaur   TGT Trained Contractual MA (Eng), B.Ed, M.Ed
85 Ms. Sonia Rattan PRT Trained Contractual M.A.,B.Ed,NTT
86 Ms. Minakshi Nirola PRT Trained Contractual B.A.,B.Ed,NTT
87 Ms.Monika Sharma PRT Trained Contractual M.Sc(Zoology),B.Ed,M.Tech
88 Ms. Ritu Kapoor PRT Trained Temporary MSc (Maths), B.Ed
89 Ms. Rajni Gupta   PRT Trained Contractual MA (Eng.) B.Ed, ETT, PSTET- 1
90 Ms. Puneet Kaur   PRT Trained Contractual B Com., B.Ed