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DAV Wins first position in Geeta Shalok Competition Back to Achievement Page

DAV team comprising Yogendra, Madhav and Suyash convincingly  won ‘Geeta Shalok recitation competition’ and furled the DAV flag again high by wining top most position.

            This inter school competition was organized by Rotary Club in the premises of Shakuntla Girls Secondary School in which 18 teams from different schools of Patiala district enthusiastically participated. During this competition, each team was assigned with an Adhyaye from the holy book ‘Geeta’.

            The team members from DAV School mesmerized everyone present there with their outstanding and unique performance while chanting mantras from 18th Adhyaye.

            Principal S.R. Prabhakar appreciated the vigorous and determined attempt of the team and the mentors Ms. Sawraj Joshi, Ms. Avinash Kaushik, Ms. Rajneet Kaur and Ms. Sonam for their tireless effort which brought laurels to the school.

            While appreciating Rotary Club and Shakuntla Girls Secondary School for organizing such meaningful ventures and preserving Indian Culture and Holy scripture, he further added, “Such competitions not only associate the young generation with the religion but also impart moral lessons which provide the youth with an aid of becoming responsible, successful and complete human beings”.